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Custom Web Development


Step-By-Step Website Development Process

The process of professional website development mainly involves coding or programming that is done in making the website informative, functional client-side and server-side scripting and network security configuration. GvCloud Secure is a top web development company in Noida that deals exclusively with creating responsive websites that also participate in website design and include coding and writing markup. Our web development services range from building plain text pages to applications that are complex, such as social network applications and eCommerce applications. At GvCloud Secure, we offer complete website development of services of our clients as well as clients across the countries. GvCloud Secure's web development services providers in Noida, India include several stages for a web design project that we perform from the beginning to the launch of the website. These steps classify the responsibilities we perform at different stages and divide them into tasks and resources for future use:

1st Stage: Website Planning

Planning for a website is the most critical process/stage to start the work on website development as it maps the direction of progress that we follow for a project. it is not planning its help to user experience. The website planning process can take 2-4 weeks. We, GvCloud Secure develop a website to the customers can able to easily navigate/access. Before you begin to plan content, a sitemap lets you design what the structure will look like. These are just visual representations or skeleton of the site what the site will look like. The sitemap allows the developer to get an outline of what the site will look like, what pages there will be and how they will interact with each other. Although we interact with our client at almost every stage of their website’s development, it is at the planning stage that the interaction is the most intense when we record every requirement in detail. We do a complete analysis on client exact requirement including objectives, goals and target. Once the planning, the other part of this step is to create a website.

2nd Stage: Choosing CMS

One of the most important decisions for a company to make the right website is to choose the best CMS (Content Management System) for the website. A CMS not only provides the frame and functionality for web design and development but also how your organization will grow and thrive online. WordPress is the best CMS for your website (28% of websites available on the Internet that are using WordPress CMS). It is less expensive and the website is easy to maintain. Most corporations are using WordPress is a preferred platform to create and manage their blogs and websites.

3rd Stage: Content Writing

This is an important factor for a website. Not only considering the unique content of the target audience always helps in getting traffic to the concerned customer and website. The written content of a website is very important for its success. This process may take 2 to 4 weeks. This is necessary to attract and retain customers on the website. Content provides information (which you are providing to users) to search engines about your website. Your objective may be to provide information, sell something or provide service. You should always optimize your website in such a way that the search engine knows what it is about. In this way, the search engine will know when your website and its pages appear in search results for relevant search queries.

4th Stage: Website Designing

We are a web development company in Noida, India, which appreciates the design phase as it is about the implementation marked in the planning phase. Half the website without design is incomplete. This is where we bring the website up to a level where it achieves that look. Only after the completion of this phase, we bring the content to the site. The actual layout of the website begins to take shape with design elements planning and wireframes using the information received from the client at the planning stage. This is helpful for us at a later stage when we have to adopt a lot of slicing and coding on website design. This is the stage where the website gets the creative (More Creative Website Attracts More Visitor) look.

5th Stage: Website Development

An important stage. Here the website is given a shape. Just tell you which technology you have to do to make a website. This is the stage where the bulk of the programming work is done in addition to loading the content. As the website takes shape, we keep mentioning the details entered in the planning phase, even we organize the code with comments. Based on whether we use a Laravel, Python, Angular, HTML5, ASP / PHP framework or other content management system.

6th Stage: Testing Stage

After completing the development stage, the client website goes to the testing stage. In the testing stage, we check the website is working properly means the website is responsive, mobile-friendly and compatible for all browsers. In the website testing stage, our professional website developers/experts fix all the errors on the website. GvCloud Secure aim is not only to provide the perfect web portal to customers also provide complete solutions to our customers.

Final Stage: Website Launch

Here we give a final touch to the design elements, deeply testing the interactivity. Once the developer has reviewed or checked everything on the site and made the necessary changes, we will consider that the site is ready for "Go Live". At this time, the developer will take a website from the development server and upload all relevant files to a permanent web hosting server. Now the website is ready for "Live".


Once the site is live, the services do not mean the end. To avoid further inconvenience, most developers are happy to provide website maintenance services. The company performs a number of tasks such as providing source code and project documentation to customers, working on feedback & development support.

Compatible With Various Plugins

WordPress plugins are apps that enable you to combine new features and functionality to make the website easy to work or handle.

What are website development services?

Web development is the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web).

Why is website development important?

Website development is a way to make people informed about services, products you are offering.

What is included in website development?

Web development refers to developing, creating, and maintaining websites.

What is the difference between web design & development?

In essence, web design refers to give a creative look of the website and its usability. Web development is the building phase of websites; it's the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look remarkable.

How much time you take to develop website?

It depends upon the customer requirement of the website. Generally, it will take around 2 to 6 days to develop a website.

What kind of development technologies do we provide?

For design, you can use the latest technology which includes HTML5, bootstrap, Ajax, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Dart. PHP, Scala, CSS, SQL, JQuery support.

What is the cost of AI App Development Services?

Before starting the development work we sign to NDA (Non -Disclosure agreements)

What is your payment step?

Payment depends upon clients requirement and time-bound.

What will be the way to communicate with your web development firm?

Well, this is not a matter of concern, we will keep in touch with you regularly while working on your website development project. If you want to talk with our team we provide full chat, email and call support.

Do you only create a WordPress website?

We use WordPress to build an amazing website, but we use other advanced technologies such as Laravel, CodeInteritor, Joomla, Magento, Cake PHP and more.

Do you have affordable website development services?

Developing a custom website can be quite an expensive thing, but investing with a low-budget company can also be a benefit. If you are looking for a low-budget website development company that can provide you with the best service at a low price, then you have come to the right page. We provide good service in a low budget. And our developers will work with the same enthusiasm and build their website in the quoted time.

Are websites mobile responsive?

Yes, every site which is designed for you by our web development agency according to the latest standards and market requirement. We also note that the website should be mobile friendly as since 2015 we have seen a lot of growth in mobile users. The website designed by us includes Accountability and Smart UI / UX. Our developer team always ensures that your users will get a user-friendly experience whenever they visit your website.

Is the website SEO friendly?

Yes, our team also keeps up to date with all the new updates from Google, trends in search engines and more so that the website they build is SEO friendly. You do not need to ask for it. We know that the goal of every website is to rank first on search engines.

Are there any hidden costs during the process?

No! There is no hidden cost. Once your website is ready, we only charge for the services we have given you. We never increase or decrease the cost of the package during the process, we are a fully professional website development agency. Therefore, our team always works in the same rupees as was decided.

Is it possible to view the website during the development phase?

Yes, we work closely with our customers and encourage them to provide valuable feedback. While developing a website on our server, we provide sari facility to the customer.

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